Standard Gel Ice Packs

CoolMagic® gel ice packs widely used in cold transport applications, included Pharmaceutical, Frozen Food, Ice Cream, Chocolate etc.

CoolMagic® gel ice packs are reusable, cold longer than ice, the refrigerant gel is safe contacts with food. CoolMagic gel ice packs standard type is ideal for one way transport with cost effective.

  • Cost effective
  • Long Lasting Cold
  • Food Safe
  • Thick Special bag

CoolMagic® Gel Ice Packs

CoolMagic® Gel Ice Packs Price Table

# Item
per carton
(1-5 cartons)
( 5+ cartons)
1 CMSD-350 350 60 Call Call
2 CMSD-500 500 40 Call Call


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