Gel Ice Packs CoolMagic®

CoolMagic® Gel Ice Packs also known as gel pack or cool pack, it is a polybag with refrigerant gel . CoolMagic® Gel Ice Packs contains a high quality polymer gel that is non-toxic, food safe, and can absorb a considerable amount of heat, since its specific heat capacity is high. CoolMagic® Gel Ice Packs is ideal for use in food and chemical industries as it can lower the ambience temperature during transport.

Long Lasting ColdCold 48h to 72h

Leak Proof 100% QC Passed

Food Safe 100% F.D.A Ingredients

Long Lasting Cold

CoolMagic® Gel Ice Packs can absorb a considerable amount of heat and keep products long lasting cold.

Leak Proof

CoolMagic® Leak Proof Gel Ice Packs designed with special film, protect against puncture. Products are passed leaking test.

Food Safe

CoolMagic® Gel Ice Packs contains a high quality polymer gel, F.D.A approved, that is non-toxic, food safe.

Recent Gel Ice Packs Products

Leak Proof special film, reusable and economical to use. Specially formulated with food safe materials that stay colder than ice.

Our cost-effective CoolMagic® Gel Ice Packs can be used in cold applications. The food grade cooling gel is biodegradable and freezes solid.

Plastic Gel Ice Brick are constructed from durable plastic to offer superior performance in cold chain re-use applications.

Welcome To CoolMagic®

CoolMagic® offers a wide variety of refrigerants designed to meet the shipping requirements of any temperature sensitive product. Our line is the most cost effective coolant available today. Designed to withstand even the toughest shipping conditions. CoolMagic® Gel Ice Packs refrigerants freeze faster and maintain cold longer than any other product available.

We are shipping CoolMagic® to world wide wherever you are with an affordable price. We also print your logo and brand name on the Gel Ice Packs, design the melting point with phase change materials to meet your requirements.

  • Long Lasting Cold
  • Leak Proof special film
  • Food Safe
  • Reusable

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